Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Ok so Ive kept this project under wraps for a while. Its been on actual paper hanging on the wall of my room as I brainstorm for it. Im still figuring out what sort of game this might be. Flash sidescroller, top down ff style, or something with the unreal engine. This is mainly just going to be an experiment for myself to see what I am capable of when I have some free time.

Also, Ive been writing and revising a script for a new animated short. For this project, Ive been taking sword fighting classes at a local place in Vancouver called Acadamie Duello (http://www.academieduello.com/) so that I will be able to accurately animate some of the fight sequences I have planned. Below is the first page of the script and there are still some still going to be some changes coming along.


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