Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey everyone, a quick little sneak peek on a background that I've been working on for a pilot. There is a sign in the front yard that I removed to keep the information of the series under wraps. I will be posting some more once I have a few finished. 

Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, its been a while since my last post and the main reason I disappeared was that I was working on a project called TDAY. Lisa Dosson, Peter Jayne and a Disney Animator, James, worked on the animation for the piece and Ranjit Rana was the background designer and painter. I provided the Toonboom Ink and Paint, compositing and some editing services for the project.

Once I have been told where the Director has posted the film, I will have a link here.   

Also, in my limited spare time, Ive been working through and fleshing out some more character designs for my short. It seems to have taken a different approach to what I saw in my head but I think ultimately these designs might have more opportunity to mess around with clothing styles. Im still working on the character on the far right as I am still not 100% happy with the clothing design. I think its going to end up with some more flow around the torso area or have some sort of open jacket. Need to mess around a bit more though. 

In the next while, and over Christmas, I will be working on some of the locations and starting to get a feel for this world, building off of my notes (roughly numbering 10 pages long so far, with a map of the city and outlying areas)). 

-Cheers and Enjoy

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


New one is on the Right, first version is on the Left.
Heres a new concept that I've been throwing around. It started out as a sketch for ArtOutbreak's Elven Noble Character Design competition but then turned 180 in the design and ended up here. 
Created in Photoshop with the mainly using Poly Lasso Tool and some textures. 
Any critiques are welcome.

EDIT: Had a few friends point some things out so I went back and did some tweaking.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I just got back from a 2 week trip in Cuba where we were hit by Tropical Storm Isaac and as I do not tan that well, I stayed well in the shade and did some sketching. 

Friday, August 3, 2012


So this I mainly just a sketch dump. 

For some of the projects that I'm working on, I've either had to do some research or just been trying to figure out some of the props.

Also, with the success of DayZ and the amount the game has been streamed on, some people have been requesting overlays to cover the important information on their streams so they dont get stream sniped. I have been lucky enough to be asked by a few streamers to prepare something for them.
**Disclaimer: I did not create or own Arma 2 or DayZ. The only thing I own is the overlays added to the shot. Also, these were created for specific streamers, only they are allowed to use them. I will take measures to have them removed if I find anyother caster using my designs***

Check their channels out.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ive been working on a new short and this is just some ideas of what the main character should look like as well as some simple pallet designs. Comments and critiques are welcome. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Ok so Ive kept this project under wraps for a while. Its been on actual paper hanging on the wall of my room as I brainstorm for it. Im still figuring out what sort of game this might be. Flash sidescroller, top down ff style, or something with the unreal engine. This is mainly just going to be an experiment for myself to see what I am capable of when I have some free time.

Also, Ive been writing and revising a script for a new animated short. For this project, Ive been taking sword fighting classes at a local place in Vancouver called Acadamie Duello ( so that I will be able to accurately animate some of the fight sequences I have planned. Below is the first page of the script and there are still some still going to be some changes coming along.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I was going through this site and I realized that I hadnt put up any new files in a while. So heres something Ive been working on in my spare time. The bottom 4 guns were created in Illustrator then I brought them into photoshop and did some variations on the Glock and the Pump-action Shotgun.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Wow these first few months have just blown by. I've been so busy on several project and just as some are wrapping up, more keep coming. Here's a sneak peek of what I've had the privilege to work on.
Penguins (Are so sensitive to my needs)
Current Website:
This little project is about a man who is just trying to come up with an idea for a coffee shop campaign. A mix of live action with animation cut in. There is a great bunch of animators (mostly Vancouver Film School alum) working on this short. 

This short will be shown between March 22-25th at the Wide Angle Media Film Festival and other film festivals throughout the year. We are currently fundraising money to cover the entry fees and other production costs. 

Alice in Wonderland is getting turned on its head in EBM15's Compenduim. I had to privilege to PA on most of the sets, create some of the Storyboards, tags for the Thank You Gifts and the sword VFX on Team Cheshire on their film The Jabberwock.

The Impact Awards at Vancouver Film School are coming up again and I was asked by my sister to help with the food for the pitch. 
I created Apple Cheddar Meatballs, Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing and homemade Fondant sculptures, and Asparagus wrapped in a Sundried Tomato, Provolone Cheese, Basil Leaf and Prosciutto. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Still in the pattern mood. Anyways enjoy.